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M-taka is a waste management social enterprise that aims to educate locals, connect people in the waste value chain and improve the livelihoods of waste actors.

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Everybody in the waste value chain from generators (users) to collectors and recyclers

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Community on better waste management practices

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we improve the livelihoods of waste actors

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Through our M-taka App we aggregate post-consumer plastics and other recyclables through verified agents and community buy-back centers, and add value to them for sale to end-of-chain recyclers.

Our network of trained agents and champions help build communities of recyclers through education, social incentives, and connections

We provide support to waste workers, particularly vulnerable women and street-connected youths through access to essential services such as healthcare including health insurance, medical check-ups and PPE, education, and referral to other crucial services provided by relevant government agencies.

We also provide business and finance training and capacity building for waste workers, to help them become more self-sufficient and less reliant on external support

Our approach combines technology, social incentives, artificial intelligence and data analytics, to create sustainable waste management solutions that empower communities to take ownership of their waste and see the value in recycling